Sofa unique from Carlota Sofa

Various kinds of sofas available on the market today. These designer sofas are always innovating to release their latest product with better quality and more affordable prices. Meanwhile, the consumer will always consider quality, design and of course price.

Many of the things that you always consider in buying a sofa, from design, quality, and coating, and the price for the sofa and so on.

But sometimes we forget that the designer or we can also call the artist trying to form a sofa that is not commonly used. With an unique idea and creative turn the bottle upside down into a couch that interesting by making a particular construction.
And the couch is more common when we call a work of art.
Designer is Mauricio Lara from Mexico with Eosmexico producers. Is this the original design or not there has to be something common.
Creativity they clearly deserve our respect because the material used is recycled material in the form of bottles and metal.
Meets these demands are interested to have it or you can also create a new creativity to create an unique sofa, too.
Source: Carlota Sofa

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