Sofa bed

Sofa or sofa bed that can be changed to bed or vice versa has indeed become a trend as being practical to prepare the guest room in a sudden glance, but we are sure, you have never seen this one.

Sofa bed is not only can provides a bed for your guests, but two at a time by turning them into graded bed (bunk bed).

For safety for those who sleep in the top, sofa bed also has prepared a "fence" at the edge so that the bed does not drop.

Sofa beds are very likely to match for a small house, but often the return of many guests not invited
Even that does not take place, you can choose the form of multifunctional furniture sofa bed or futon placed in the living room that also functions as a family room. With the sofa bed in this area can change in a temporary guest bedroom. The bottom of the bed may also function as a storage place. Foot stool sofa can also function as a place to sit back up, when guests come.

Sofa beds can also function as a corner chair. But, when evening came, a part of the sofa is in the slide and on the sofa with a sticky other, so that as the bed enough for two people. It's easy, but very significant changes in its function.


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  6. We absolutely love this couch. It's comfortable b/c it's firm but you can still lounge on it nicely. We put the ottoman near the long end and have a bed basically which is a lot of room to lounge on. The small sofa is SO easy to clean. My ONLY problem is that our couch is on wood and the two pieces aren't attached, so the one side (the 2-seater) slides all over the place and I wish they were attached. Great buy for the money.