To make sofa clean and comfortable

Sofa is form apart of furniture always appearance in house, particularly in living room.
Sofa is popular because very comfortable if seat on it, also to make sofa is easier dirty if compare with another furniture. In that condition to make is not comfy seat on it.
To make sofa always clean and comfy, the owner must be diligent to take care of.
Maintenance of sofa is simple enough. It is not necessary to do every day. The importance is to do with regular and continue.

The importance always to clean is its cover. Generally endurable of the cover is five years, more than that it is better to recover it.
There are two ways to install it. To make easy to wash it, the cover release from frame and another sofa cannot release because the cover consisted with from frame.
For the cover can release, of course it is easy. You can release and wash it. For cannot release you must clean it with vacuum cleaner, at least once in two weeks.

To wash and clean the sofa, you must pay attention to material of its cover. Every material, need difference treatment. A few material of cover sofa including its treatment:
1. Cotton.
Cotton is easy to clean. You can wash with water.
2. Polyester.
This material can wash it with water. The best way to clean it with dry cleaning.
3. Silk.
This material rarely used for cover, usually used for cover of pillow. The best way to clean with dry cleaning.
4. Wool. Clean with dry cleaning.
5. Leather. There are two kinds of leather material; genuine leather and synthetic leather.
For genuine leather must be cleaning with especially cleaner, usually with lotion, for synthetic with dry mop.


  1. Leather sofas require some special cleaning techniques to keep them shiny and looking as new as the day we brought them home. Unfortunately we cannot rely on a single advice because there are many different types of stains and each of them may require a different kind of cleaner and cleaning procedure.

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