Rattan sofa

A natural ambiance and sense cheerful in the room does not always show from the material timber. Any other materials to create an impression of nature. One of plaited rattan furniture synthetic. Although made of plastic, synthetic rattan is able to display the natural colors and natural.

In this area, all the sofas made of synthetic rattan. Consists of a three-holder sofa, two sofa one holder, a rectangular table, Coffee table and a small size. Besides work desks, coffee table can also function as additional seats. All deep-brown furniture.

In one corner of the room, placed the partition as a garnish. Partitions are also made from synthetic rattan webbing. Given yellow honey. So that the room is not too impressed with monotone brown color.

Light regulation is not too bright. This meant that the room feels more "cozy". In one of the three swing wall paintings. At the top of the paintings, and deliberately placed three lights. Each illuminate a painting. Regulation so light, providing relief in the room, which want to show up.

To keep the room more colorful and more "live", some decorated sofa cushion. Besides adding comfort to sit, also functions as a cushion accessories. Colors in the pillow can also accent a room for guests. To strengthen the effect of cooling, the plant is placed in the pot.

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