Brown room with sofa

Begin entrance, brown dominate the appearance. Sofa, pillows, carpets, curtains and colored clay. With a 9x13 feet is the ideal form the living room.

Sofa single cross in the middle room. Adjacent to the main door. On each side there is a sofa table lamp as a decorator. Cup with silver-colored, light appear as to make room nicely. additionally fashioned with a sofa pillow brown. Color youthful antique pillow on each combine.

Exactly dealing with the sofa, there is a small table in the middle titivate interest. Painting is embedded in the wall. Accents become the color itself. Black round table where guests come dish. Its position is not exactly in the middle of space, but a little stick into. The goal is not to interfere with the access road, but still aesthetic.

Right behind the sofa, curtains diversified vertical openings. If open, curtains will roll neat. Exact location of the distance. Curtains close this window overlooking the garden.

About very brown Space so that appropriate welcomer relatives. You also can create your living room.