Furniture to build focus of room

Everyone surely had separate impression when entering a room. Usually when stepping into there, view will concentrated to a group of the object is contrast. For example, they will concentrate to the accessory of contrast chromatic, or at a group of furniture which come up uppermost at the room. In the world of arranging the interior, uppermost things at a space recognized also as focal point, or recognized also as focus of interest.

Build the focus a hard easy virtual room. Space focus can easier made by placing the element of contrast with its background, for example, placing to set the bold chromatic sofa at a dominant space of white color.

Focus a virtual space can be placed in which even also at a room. Of course, this space focus can be enjoyed by everyone which come into the room, hence this room focus better be placed at area the first seen when people come into the room.-

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  1. Beside the furniture, we stopped using the overhead lights and got lamps, that went a really long way. the next step (which I am still working on) is to color coordinate. pick a few colors and stick with them.