Be like other furniture at home your sofa is also need treatment durable.

1. Remove the dirt patch at your sofa with vacuum cleaner once a week.

2.Wash the sofa at least once in a year. Use professional cleaning service to clean the sofas which have the special equipment to clean sofa.

3.If you like to cost effective, clean your sofa by yourself with shampoo and comb.

4.Sweat and oil patch at body and hair are the source of stain will accumulates and cause the sofa saw dirty. If require to arrange in layers the sofa with throw or beautiful clothe to close the shares most is risk stain of our own body stain, be like arm rest lead and sofa arm.

5.Do not clean excessively to the sofa with leather upholstery. It is enough once a year. First, clean all the dirt with vacuum. Then use the special cleaner dilution for leather. Let all dry sofa shares before used. If sofa put to the sun too old and start to show to crack, overcome by dabbing conditioner special to all surface of sofa.

6.You can direct clean the light stain above your leather sofa by using wet mop. But do not let the water suffuses above surface of sofa because by it will alter sofa color.

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