Usage throw can be arranged in such a manner so that see nattily or on the contrary is also carpeted off hand so that natural impression. There is no directive concerning size of throw and no rule where you better put the throw, close over all shares seat just sofa saw natty in sofa back part etc.

Besides beautifying throw become the practicable solution to close the sofa shares of stain or destroy. More than anything else if that a little damage, than have to change entirety upholstery, exploit throw beyond more economic.

Do not confuse to choose the clothe type to throw. As does choose of clothe to upholstery sofa, clothe throw better also give to feel balmy in skin, not to generate itch and hot. The clothe pattern and color facet, pay attention is according to upholstery sofa.

In order not to boring, try to provide throw with appropriate color and contrast color. Have some kinds of throw give advantage because you can attend the different nuance of difference and variation.