If you like with fun nuance, like experiment with pattern and color, dressy sofa pop competent is become your choice. Design pop which expands after modern style era almost look like the modern dressy sofa. But design pop comes up braver with game of form, color, and pattern attractive.

Strength of style individuality design this lay in color combination and its pattern. In consequence dressy sofa pop pertain the model furniture very effective to be made focal point in a space. But be careful put down the sofa to this model. Background crowded of pestle exactly can engulf its appearance.

It is better you do not too much using the other interior element which strike. If you are boring with color and pattern upholstery, do not in a hurry to change the sofa. Make slip cover with different color and pattern in the place of appearance. If you want to more economic, provide immeasurable of decorative pillow form, be like square, radian or trilateral even, which you can wear regularly.

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