Ethnic and modern combine

Sitting room frieze with ethnic style, but do not want to impress too traditional? Combine of style could probably become the frieze alternative. Give the modern touch at ethnic dressy room.
Combine of two different styles, even contradiction, actually can create unique beautiful impression. For example how does ethnic dressy room appearance uniting with modern touch.
Ethnic dressy even, is not meaning have to always put down furniture with big sized. To eliminate impression of weight and ancient, you can choose furniture smaller.

Do not fetch up all standing with brown or wood color, try the other color. Dynamic and warmer color touches are also able to give the modern touch at room. Unnecessary many applications, is enough as just accent. Easiest way is by application at sofa pad. You can application to room accessory.

Besides color, modern touch also able to attend from furniture. Combine ethnic with modern furniture; be like sofa or sofa bed. So that difference of this style does not seen too stiff, you can link it, one of them by arranging in layers seat sofa with batik clothe.
Not only at sitting room, combine at solid correspond the style can become the alternative develop; build the different atmosphere in each room. Do not forget, you remain to have to determine one style as theme. Combine other style you can give the different accent.

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