Now design sofa no longer is predominated by the west style. Design traditional or ethnic becomes alternative which interesting. Beside to fill the dwelling house, ethnic dressy sofa also selected many to decorate the hotels conception traditionally. Interior ethnic dressy with furniture from natural materials and local is added value searched for many people.

Because ethnic design sofa most from usage of natural materials. Be like cane, roots, wood etc. The materials are usually waived beforehand, and then process become foot, sofa arm rest and arm and its frame is wearied by the limber cane and bole. It’s for all kinds, but most truly takes the form not too complicated.

Moderation of this form on purpose, with simple form of good material character texture and its color will be more felt.
To fulfill the demand, spume pad made by the compliment element for seat of ethnic sofa. It is not different from sofa pad in general, needed cover or upholstery to take care of durably of pad and also give the color touch to make beautify the sofa.

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