Dressy in cafe

Have you a visit to cafe? If yes, of course you have seen the style settlement of area eat be like mess room photo. That mess room is arranged and unconventional chair not uniform. Besides chair, as seat, they used sofa.

Talking about theme, this settlement still have modern theme to, deputized by design two chair singles transparent, desk, and sofa. Chair for eat made from fiber thick 5mm, strong enough to sustain the adult weight. Long sofa with upholstery is clothe material. Wide of back sofa is 1,5m. Between both there are long glass desk, by unfolding is equal to sofa, 1,5m. Glass carve material is intentionally selected desk to see luxurious.

Atmosphere is even also seen as in cafe. So, if we like to apply the similar method, do not forget to consider high of sofa seat and high of its dining table. Pay attention the factor ergonomic. Take care while people sit and dine the food and they feel balmy and not to suffer.
For example, if high of dining table about 80cm, hence can be selected by the chair with its seat high about 60cm and also important is, paying attention solidarity of design, material, and color of furniture. Be clever to arrange it because there is no saint about this.-