Corner in bed room

Bed room is the room most to release the fatigue after have the activity to all day long. Yes, if will balmy, arrange the bed room according to appetite and requirement.

The bed room must have its mattress plus bad as confronting place. But nothing is wrong, if we also make the space sits at room corner as place alternative of resting or easy going.
Space corner can be used by if we do not willing to direct of sleep when entering the room. For example, do you wish to read before sleep? That space can be exploited.

To support activity of addition at space, place the balmy and soft sofa; also equip the sofa with pillow. If need making that space as space read also add to floodlight the lamp to enlighten the area read.
For example in room corner placed by a sofa in form of bench glued to wall. Over there, people can sit to lean against the wall, or lie down with pillow as head arm rest. Over they are also people can lay down, before finally decide to move and fallen asleep in bad till morning nearing.

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