As does design classic building, classic sofa has never old fashion. Until to day design classical remains popular to many people. Luxurious impression is fascination and excess of this sofa. This affluence emerges from many elements be like ornament typically classical which jell with complicated forms, curved arm rest, high and pattern upholstery which predominated by the sucker form, golden color, etc.

There are some classic sofa models emerging along with change trend which applies in society. Though its model a little a few, but this sofa is categorized in classic style sofa. Some of them are Empire and Beidermeier. Both of these models are omission of emperor epoch of Roma and French. Empire sofa emerges in advance with detail more completeness.
Newly then born Deidermeier sofa which simpler Equality among both classical is constructing of the wood to be exposing and sometimes frames all sofa shares or only bench in foot shares and sofa arm.

Then there was French sofa. This classic sofa characteristic is constructing with wood become element which expose, good at back tabletop, foot, and sofa arm. Some design is also modified its arm shares with giving cover, though not thick be like sofa in general.
The other classic sofa which popular is Victorian sofa. This sofa emerges by the end of 19 century, this major design giving comfort. This matter just by finding spiral from conductive steel materials, so consumer of sofa can enjoys seat softness.