The blue cold touch

Do you wish to have the family room impressing cold? Many ways can be used, one of them with election of color

Blue color is one of the color can give cold impression at room.
You can get it of wall paint, furniture, or at room accessory. If do not willing to busy change the room color by painting again, hence it is enough application for the accessory of room.

You started with floor; color application is can artless blue for carpet. Unnecessary change the sofa, change enough upholstery from its pad, choose the color of tone with carpet. Because you do not alter the wall paint color, you can add the similar chromatic wall accessory.

Have felt its difference isn't it? You also able to choose the blue color for small fairish accessories, be like bottle, vas, or topples. Even not dominant, bold colors be like blue can become the interesting accent for your room.

But you constantly require take a care. Do not use the same color for all room elements, because room will felt "death" and monotone. You can combine some colors. For blue color, you can combine it with orange color, green, or yellow.