Art Deco

Dressy art deco sofa first time emerges in the year 1920. As continuation of sofas appearance at modern era early, art deco sofa offer design which special simple form and applying of combination upholstery. This sofa frequently emerges with cover different arm from back cover and seat of sofa. But also back of seat items and seat of sofa made is same for the sake of getting appearance simple and modern.

The special is most uppermost from art deco lay in its curved element, be like arm back part, step aside seat, back boundary, etc. This design tortuous is intended for the sake of attending comfort for the consumer.

Upholstery choice art deco is very immeasurable sofa. Artless clothe or have pattern is no problem. The materials type can be wearied immeasurable even, for example chenille, cotton, corduroys, linen, even leather. Upholstery, art deco sofa is also having variation as the wood arm intending to expose. Even now, with progressively the expanding innovate in making technology furniture; sofa wood frame art deco can be changed with cane matting.