Deluge sofa structure is not too complicated, only consisting of the frame and content. Sofa frame usually made from wood whereas its contents some enduing the spume pad.

As big of sofa frame made of wood. In a few case you meet sofa frame made of metal or without frame (frame less).
Important matter you pay attention is wood type construct of sofa, because wood type influence strength of structure sofa. Meanwhile, continued way of frame also importance because this matter follow to determine strength of the structure, what is that extension as nail, or glue.
If enabling, wood frame made from hardwood then tied on the technique and nail; of tacking on other. Softwood like plywood thinly, only wearied if sofa exploited for usage short-range.
Information data are written in a table of specification of material. Tables of specification usually embrace some matters regarding detail technical of sofa, be like footage and wide of frame, maximal standard and also diameter of shouldered burden size.

Partly sofa have the wood frame and some of other have the metal frame usually more simple and modern compared to wood framework of sofa.
Process excess of usage of metal as especial frame metal items are stronger than wood. Other excess, metal is not experiencing of molder problem as wood does.
Cool impression of metal can be interrogated with addition of other element which can generates impression of warmness, be like election of color, materials pattern and also motif.

Strand of metal.
Usually inside frame a sofa is strand of metal, which important factor determines ergonomics a sofa.
Shares arm rest, seat and inveterate sofa arm sustained by strand of metal to create the flexing or sofa elasticity. Construction strand of metal recognized best is modeling the bound strand of metal become eight shares.
Process cordage of strand of metal has to be done by hand for shake of taking care of the quality flexibility of sofa. Ascertain the peripatetic strand of metal separately, so that sofa remains to felt elastic and soft of moment occupied.
In a few case of construction simpler, model construct the wearied strand of metal less than eight, usually six. Amount strand slimmer which automatically cause the strand of metal frame have to be bound become some separate shares.