Detail sofa.
There are three important you must recognize.

Sofa foot makes the sofa saw easier going, modern or classic dressy formal.
Expose part of sofa foot can alter sofa appearance as a whole. Usually this affect will make sofa saw lighter or modern. To create the sofa appearance with contemporary style touch, sofa foot can be given by cover with material is same with sofa.

Type and model skirt sofa show impression shinned from sofa. With the frock model and doily will transmits feminine impression. Whereas skirt with diametrical model mark with lines coherent will makes the people catch formal impression.
If you plan to use skirt, do not forget to size of skirt at to cover materials which used.

Sofa arm.
Arm sofa shares become spot favorite to many people. In this area people can feel balmy and its softness a sofa.
Construction parts of sofa arm usually consist of made especial frame of metal or wood materials. So that arm felt soft, this frame in advance endued with sofa pad materials of two of enduing.

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