Camel back sofa has a characteristic that has a curved backrest like a camel's hump.
Sofa has an uniqueness that has its own appeal to complement your interior design.

 From early of creation, form of sofa have expanded and more varying. Marginally there are three kinds of form sofa; camel back, chesterfield, and sofa club. These form have the idiosyncrasy alone so that till now enthused by many people.

Sofa camel back is sofa has the curved back or arm rest be like camel’s hump in consequence this sofa is referred as camel back. The different name of this sofa is serpentine back sofa. Amount of its curvatures usually are 1 until 3.

This form of sofa has been long enough emerged and still wearied in the world of design interior. It’s a classic form and fascination for the people think of conservative and formal style. Even there, since 18 century, sofa camel back has the idiosyncrasy if of arm rest form gives lighter impression for furniture as a sofa.

The sofa is very stylish with a classic or modern look of the two seater to a four seater. For that we recommend one for you.Eden Wood Trim Camelback Sofa - Aico 60815-BRNZE-23

The other Idiosyncrasy of sofa camel back is flexibility in presenting assorted of style. It can become the classic dressy sofa with graven wood frame or foot which expose. It can also come up modern with design foot and arm rest which has the modification so that come up simpler.
Choice of upholstery is not limited. You can choose upholstery artless or have the motif, depended the style wishing you will want to show up. This sofa usually emerges in format two-seater until four-seater.